An expert team of maternal fetal medicine specialists, pediatric surgeons, neonatologists, and pediatric specialists have worked together for decades at UNC to provide high-quality and cutting-edge therapies to high-risk pregnant women and their babies. The Center provides comprehensive care to women, infants and their families from diagnosis through decisions and delivery.

To make a referral please contact UNC MFM and Prenatal Diagnosis at (919) 843-6094 or the Center for Maternal and Infant Health Care Coordinator at (919) 843-4428.

We are particularly pleased to announce that UNC is now offering fetal surgery to repair open neural tube defects. Guided by an expert team of physicians, we have an interdisciplinary, skilled team in place to provide consultations and treatment to families in North Carolina and across the Southeastern US. The surgery is performed by Drs. Nancy Chescheir and Victor Perry – both with extensive experience performing this intervention. 

The Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine at UNC is available to provide consultation and care for pregnancies with spina bifida as well as the full spectrum of maternal and fetal disorders. MFMs at UNC also provide fetal therapy for fetal arrhythmia, isoimmunization, fetal shunt procedures for CPAM, pleural effusion and lower urinary tract obstrution, and ex-utero intrapartum therapy for suspected airway obstruction. They also coordinate DaVinci Robotic cervical cerclage.

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